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His real name Camo Hoss aka Gumbo Slice is he real or AI ? discover Camo Hoss (Read more)

Camo Hoss aka Gumbo Slice


Camo Hoss aka Gumbo Slice has been trending on the media for the past two weeks from October 1st, 2023 after photos of him beating up a crocodile went viral on popular social media platforms like X(twitter), Facebook and Instagram.

What is AI image generation?

AI image generators utilize trained artificial neural networks to create images from scratch. These generators have the capacity to create original, realistic visuals based on textual input provided in natural language.

Many people want to know if he’s AI or not and this article we will give you the answer to those questions like:

– Is Camo Hoss aka Gumbo Slice A real person ?

– Is Camo Hoss aka Gumbo Slice AI generated ?

– Where is Camo Hoss aka Gumbo Slice from ?

– Who is Camo Hoss aka Gumbo Slice? Who created him and Why ?

Well the truth about Camo Hoss is he is an AI generated character by Uncle Mike’s Photography. He constantly creates AI images of Camo Hoss fighting beasts or wild animals like Crocodiles, Elephants, Lions, Bears and many more.

In most of the photos, Camo Hoss aka Gumbo Slice is seen either eating or carrying a pizza 🍕 where the animals attack him and he brutally beats them up.

Below are some of the images


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