Can an artist survive or make a living only from their music career ?

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Most Camerooonian artist aren’t really living good life as we all see from afar. The industry is not a bed of roses, you have to work your ass off dishing out good music, and also engaging your fans consistently, you might still be unlucky to make it. Sad truth 😢.

As an artist you need a team which everyone will chip in ideas on how to promote you eg: R Kelly would have been the highest star ever liveth but because he was his manager and doing most of his things he couldn’t go far so Micheal Jackson survived because he had a good team.

You need a side hustle which you will generate income to fuel your career, you can’t keep begging for help every day, you have to pay promoters so they keep hyping you and sharing your music.

Thanks to the blogs that have been making the voices of talents to be heard with their great platforms for free but mind you without Promotion you will go no where.

Not all blown artists are making a fortune out from music. Yes! Kimbi said it. They’re probably making money through another source that you might not know, mind you most Cameroonian artist aren’t making money from music.

I will advise you as an upcoming artist to look for another source of income before you continue doing music.


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