“Fifa awarded $6.5M to Cameroon in line with FIFA forward 3 program” – Samuel Eto’o ( full press details).

Samuel Eto'o press conference July 2023


 FECAFOOT president, Samuel Eto’o has been trending after former FECAFOOT worker Njalla Quan resigned and held a press conference where he revealed some bad things about the Cameroon football federation.

On July 18th, 2023 Samuel Eto’o held a press conference on CRTV Sports where he revealed what’s going on behind the scenes. He talked about Andre Onana, Club funds mismanagement and how things are going at the federation.

SAMUEL ETO’O on Andre  Onana:

“I don’t bypass the authority of the head coach to do this or that. It’s a lie. If I had a problem with my son (Andre Onana) he himself knows, he would not have come into my room the morning following the incident. I’ll stop there.

There has never been a problem between my son and I. In 2017, Onana was not in our national team. He didn’t even know he was the best goalkeeper in the world; I knew already.

I said it loud and strong… history is stubborn. He played a final against Manchester United…he made a pass breaking the lines over 62 metres.

Everyone stood on their feet in the stands to ask who he was and I said ‘He’s the best goalkeeper in the world’. But he wasn’t playing in the national team.

Clarence Seedorf then came as coach and those who were fighting against me said ‘Andre Onana is in the team because Samuel Eto’o has brought Seedorf.’ Today, it’s because Eto’o has problems with Onana…

Clarence Seedorf who was head coach of the Cameroon national team in 2019 is confident Andre Onana will return to the national team after he announced his international retirement last month.
Clarence Seedorf who was head coach of the Cameroon national team in 2019 is confident Andre Onana will return to the national team after he announced his international retirement last month

History is stubborn! History is stubborn! I hope that these children, wherever they are, understand and will understand that we have one love which is the national team. My job is to protect all these children.”

SAMUEL ETO’O on Club and mismanagement of funds

“Some say things they don’t even know. If you summon me and tell me ‘During my match, there were refereeing problems,’ the one and only question I’ll ask is regarding whether you have complained to the president of the regional league.

Because even though my authority permits me to go very far, I have to respect the authority of the one who represents me in the region. So when you assemble people to recount bullsh*t, make an effort to read the texts.

Samuel Eto’o is the Cameroon FA’s president
Samuel Eto’o is the Cameroon FA’s president

Make an effort to understand even if I’ve not studied much…They tell me I have not yet won. I’m convinced we will win.

Let me ask you one thing. Since we are at the helm of the federation, do we still have a problem of march bonuses? Do we still hear that our players sleep in airports? I thank these Lions because I’ve been there and I know how much sacrifice they make to come and represent us.

I’ve done everything for them to be in the best condition. My job is to protect these players, whether they’re wrong or right.”

 Samuel Eto’o on Fifa and Cameroon football development.

FIFA has decided to award Cameroon the sum of 6.5 million dollars in line with its FIFA Forward 3 program!

Samuel Eto’o announces part of the funds shall be used in financing the construction of proximity stadiums.

Samuel Eto’o made it clear that the sum FIFA is giving Cameroon is the highest possible that can be given to a federation.

The President of FECAFOOT made it known that the FIFA made the decision to award Cameroon that sum after auditing the federation.

From the above, it can be understood that the realization of Bamenda Stadium, among others, is getting closer and closer to becoming a reality.

Source: Ade Divine.

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