Do not sign any record label deals until you read this

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Today I’ll be giving you free sense of which people charge from 50k and above for consultancy and career advise.

We know it’s the dream of every upcoming artist to get signed to a big record label. Artist find it hard getting this record label deals at the start of their career so some go will go for small labels while others invest in themselves or frustrate.

When they see record label deals, they are always in a rush to sign without reading it properly, checking the capability, and projecting their future under the Label.

You are Talent and so what ? All it takes to blow in the music industry isn’t talent ONLY anymore!

Before signing a record label deal, here are the things you should prioritize 👇

1) What can the label invest in me ? 

This should be the main reason for you getting signed to a label, I think if a label can find your projects that’s a good step for a start.

2) If I get signed here, what will I achieve in the next two years ?

You need to project and design your future before getting to a label ( have a plan for yourself ).


3) Capabilities of the record label

They’re some labels that carry just a name and can’t invest in their artists’, why should you be signed there ? Be careful about label bosses spend easily on women and drinks but can’t invest in your art.

Most of the people you think are rich are just hyped.

4) What number of EPs/albums can I produce for this label in a year ?

NB :- Stop trying to look like artist who have already blow in the name of branding… No Record label will want his/her artist to look dirty because the credit and criticism goes back to them.


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