“I’m not ok that the western media are not reporting the killing of African refugees’ – Francis N’gannou stands with African refugees killed and maltreated in Spain


“I’m not ok that the western media are not reporting the killing of African refugees’ – Francis N’gannou stands with African refugees killed and maltreated in Melilla-Morocco

Melilla-Morocco.The deaths of at the least 23 African men on the Melilla-Morocco border on June 24, 2022 requires an independent, unbiased investigation able to determining what befell and who bears responsibility for such loss of existence, Human Rights Watch said today.

The deaths happened during an try through as many as 2,000 humans to go into Spain by way of mountain climbing the excessive chain-link fences surrounding Melilla, certainly one of two Spanish enclaves in North Africa. An independent, independent research need to become aware of the reasons of demise and whether or not safety forces have been accountable for the lack of lifestyles if you want to ensuring responsibility and justice for families of the victims.

Reacting to the incident, world heavyweight champion Francis N’gannou wrote

People of the world, fans, friends, please understand why this is so hard for me to witness. I shared a piece of my story with @joerogan, and with what just happened recently to my people, I can’t stop thinking that just 9 years ago I could’ve been one of these people who tragically lost everything in an attempt to seek a better life for themselves and their families. I am familiar with this exact location. ⁣

You have to understand, had I not attempted this very thing myself, you wouldn’t know me. I wouldn’t have been able to become a World Champion. I just happened to be a lucky one. That’s all it was.⁣

To this day, those that are alive there are subject to some of the most barbaric, inhumane treatment you could ever imagine. ⁣

I’m NOT ok that nobody is talking about it. I’m not ok that nobody is blaming these acts on those responsible. I’m not ok that the western media are not reporting it. ⁣

How can our own leaders see this over and over and don’t stand up for their people? When will we say ENOUGH is ENOUGH? ⁣

What will it take to stop treating us like this? What have we done that’s so bad to deserve this treatment? Are we not human enough for you? Should we not be existing in the same planet? ⁣

Since when does leaving your family to go find a job to provide for them a crime? Since when is hoping to survive a crime? When will these barbaric acts against our people be punished? When will it stop? I need answers.⁣

They’re brothers and sisters, they’re sons and daughters, they’re fathers and mothers. Their only “crime” is seeking a job and opportunity to provide for their moms and dads, for their sons and daughters, for their brothers and sisters. Was that enough to cost them their life?⁣

It’s horrible what’s been happening in Ukraine and I love the support the media and people have shown. I support refugees everywhere. ⁣

But WHY this is less important? WHY does it seem that nobody really cares? Is it because these bodies are not white? What is the problem? ⁣

PS: Black lives still matter. It wasn’t just a trend but an everyday pain that we’ve been feeling deep in our soul. And it continues”



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