VIDEO: Jovi talks about his beef with Stanley Enow in 2021 at DOMAF.

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Stanley Enow shitted on me each time he had a chance” Says Jovi at DOMAF. Jovi was live yesterday at DOMAF music festival and revealed why he can never work with Stanley Enow anymore.He answered a lot of questions and also explained the reason why he thinks young artists don’t succeed easily. We will be giving them in question and answer form to ease your understanding.

Question to Jovi What advice can you give to those coming up ? “ I found my Nitch and I sticked to it and became consistent. I built my fan base around it (Mboko) that’s why I am where I am. He continued, “It’s good you find your niche, stick to it and be consistent rather than trying to do everything.

Why is it that you don’t Collaborate with other people ? Jovi replied “I’m the most collaborated artist in Cameroon, my first Human is varnishing (H.I.V) had a lot of features where the artists weren’t mine except “Magasco, TILLA” and some later became my artists after. I have chosen songs for a lot of artists and also produced and written for them and that’s still collaboration.

  • What problem are young artists facing in Cameroon ? They do not respect those who came before them, those who opened doors for them. At times you only hear my name when a Young Artist is disrespecting me. The young ones think It was very easy for me to make it may be that’s because I’ve never gone to the public crying. I’ve suffered and cried inside my house alone.

Why is it that you are not in good terms with Stanley? Stanley said a lot of things about me. In a radio interview he was asked who is better between me and him he said you can’t compare Petit pays to Michael Jackson meaning he is Michael Jackson and I am petit pays. This is someone everyone knows that I rap better than him, Jovi said Stanley Enow shitted on him anytime he had the opportunity.

They’re times you will be pushing someone thinking that all of you are succeeding, but to them they think you are not and they easily disrespect you and call you jealous. I’ve always given peoples credits. When I’m called for such shows I say it clearly that this person is doing great. Get him.

That’s why when Franco was getting his Buzz for his “Cole la petit” he came to me for a collaboration and I told no, this is your time live it.Here is a brief summary of what he said and you can watch the full video here now from Facebook account : Jules Nya ( Jovi’s former manager ) 👇


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