“Mic Monsta 👑 is pushing the culture forward 🇨🇲 I am proud of him” – Jovi celebrates Mic Monsta on Cameroonian Rap Culture

Jovi Appreciation for Mic Monsta

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New Bell Music Boss, Jovi celebrates Mic Monsta as he embark on a US tour to promote Cameroonian rap culture.

In the Cameroonian rap scene, where creativity and talent thrive, camaraderie among artists plays a significant role in celebrating and fostering growth. Recently, legendary Cameroonian rapper Jovi took to Facebook to applaud the contributions of Kwata Music Inc boss, Mic Monsta.

Jovi’s heartfelt words recognize Mic Monsta’s efforts in pushing the boundaries of Cameroonian rap culture and encourage fellow artists to learn from his example. In this article, Kimbi blog explores Jovi’s message and highlights the significance of unity and learning within the music industry.

What does Jovi’s Appreciation for Mic Monsta mean ?

On his official Facebook page, Jovi emphasized his admiration for Mic Monsta’s artistry, declaring him as someone who is propelling the Cameroonian rap culture forward. With a sense of pride, Jovi acknowledged Mic Monsta’s dedication, originality, and impact on the music scene.

Mic Monsta has played an instrumental role in expanding the boundaries of the genre. His 2022 US TOUR and artistic endeavors have inspired and influenced both aspiring and established rappers throughout Cameroon.

Mbokogod’s words reveal his deep admiration for Mic Monsta and his desire for other artists to follow suit. By urging peers to “take notes or learn one or two things from him,” as the most successful Cameroonian rapper.

Le Monstre, Jovi emphasizes the importance of artist-to-artist support and continuous growth within the music industry. He highlights that by embracing a learning mindset, artists can mutually inspire and uplift one another.

The #Mboko hashtag at the end:

Jovi concludes his message with the hashtag #Mboko, a term associated with the raw and authentic style of Cameroonian hip-hop created by Jovi. The term represents the essence of the movement that Jovi spearheaded, promoting a distinct, local sound that captures the realities and experiences of Cameroonian lifestyle.

By using this hashtag, Jovi aligns Mic Monsta with the Mboko genre, cementing his place as an influential figure within the Cameroonian rap culture.


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