Kameni receives documents to a priceless asset(Read more)

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Kameni receives documents to a priceless asset(Read more)


Kameni has received documents to a priceless asset. This asset is a piece of land which she won back in 2021 during the Balafon Music Awards. 

Firstly, as her career blossomed, she got nominated and won many awards including the 2021 Balafon Music Awards Best Female artist.

To add, the prizes included a cheque and a documents which designate a piece of land to her name. Over the years, prizes have been awarded but hardly ever received. This time around the award organizers put everything in place.

Finally, Kameni received the official signed documents for her piece of land. Pictures from her offical page social media account show her receiving the documents of priceless asset.


She sings in her last song “Tell my mama say I Don makam” meaning she’s made it. Much more is to come from the African Rude Gyal. Celebrate with her by watching the video below:


To know more:

Kameni rose through the musical ranks to implant herself as a female force. Despite the steep competition, she stuck to the African Rude Gyal theme.

The results have been great because firstly she worked with the likes of Mr Leo, Gomez Oba, Blaise B, Salatiel and many more. Then she was in one of the top labels. There sje dropped many hit songs.

Finally, she’s secured many awards and as a solo artist her career is poised to explode. So much more is lined up.


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