KB REPORT CARD : How Camerooonian Artists’ performed in the first half of 2021 ( first edition )

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Hi guys,

We bring to you the first edition of Kimbi blog report card which is a flection of how your best artists performed this year and their grade.

We will grade them based on their marks ONLY and Note, this list isn’t arrange in any particular other.

Blanche Bailly

After a very successful 2020, giving birth and still winning two awards at MUMA, Blanche Bailly decided to Target a new industry this year. She has signed Numerous deals with companies like Triller, Vanessa Panto and many others.

Since the beginning of the year 2021, Blanche Bailly has dropped just one single and two collaborations. She dropping “Jaloux” ft Tzy Panchak And had featured on “mama” by Randolf and “Champion by Rexxie “.

Mr. Leo

Mr. Leo has been one of the most active artists so far in 2021. The artist keeping his media presence and has struck a couple of deals with companies like itel and brewery company K44.

Leo has achieved a lot even though he is trying to get into a new market with his genre of music. Everything has been going well for the artist this year and he just joined the Recording Academy ( Grammy ) as a voting member.


Daphne’s carry is at a pause, since last year May 30th, 2020.

Her influence on the media is still strong with her position still waiting for her to come back! In the second half of 2021. The artist has spent time with her family and remembers she recently got married.


After a successful 2020, getting a nomination at AFRIMA Awards, Askia hasn’t slowed down, she is the most collaborated female artist of 2021.

Askia has put out 3 projects and has featured in a lot of songs starting from “Twerk by Fuchor, hold my hand by Lil humble and cyphers”.

I will give her 8/10


The young vibrant artist hasn’t slowed down since he got the spotlight in 2020.

The artist dropped one of the hottest songs earlier this year “Twerk” and later on dropped a hot freestyle “237 preacher” which talks about the ills of the music industry.

My score for him is 7/10

Tzy Panchak

The man of the people Tzy panchak started the year so well but things got though for him with time as he lost his father 😓💔.

He started the year with “Level no dey” featuring Cleo Grae. The artists’ career has taken a new phase since 2021 began. He has put out four songs with numerous featuring with artists like ‘ I.V.O, Babah master, Blanche Bailly, Kitz and many more.’

My score for him is 8/10


Even when many careers crumbled the Last year 2020, Ko-c’s career kept flourishing. The artist who currently holds the biggest song of the year “calleçon”. With over 4 collaborations this year just released his first single “chill” and it is doing well.

He has been able to maintain his place on the media, strike deals, and maintain his brand.

I will give him 8.5/20


Locko is making me sad 😓. The artist’s brand is growing well but his catalog isn’t growing. So far Locko has released just one single this year “magnet” which is a song used in the famous movie “Coming 2 America”.

This is a great achievement for him to feature in such a big project alongside artists like Davido, Sarkodie… Etc.

My score for him this year is 6/10.

Aveiro dress

As you all know the ‘Bangado’ hasn’t been sleeping after his success last year with “Le nyamma”.

Aveiro dress is one of the hottest artists now in French Africa, The artist had successfully built and establish his brand this year.

He has put out 3 songs this year with three amazing collaborations, signing deals with companies like MTN.

My score for the artist is 8.5/10


Salatiel dropped one of the biggest projects in 2021 ” Africa represented”.

With 19 solid songs and 13 features from different parts of Africa. The artist has struck some deals and had the biggest song released in 2021 so far “good girl” ft Rutshelle ( 4 M views ).

My score for him this year is 9/10.


This is one of those artists you wouldn’t want to play with her brand, AkuBai is the second most-streamed Cameroon Gospel artist of our time. She held a concert in Yaoundé this year and the town out was massive, She does a lot of things to keep her fans educated and entertained. As for me, she is an “edutainer”.

Her series of ‘Akubai quotes’ has helped a lot of people fighting problems.

My score for her is 8.5/10


MiNk has shown some potentials many never knew he had. The artist was more of an entertainer at the beginning of the year while preparing his album.

After striking a brand ambassador deal with Brasseries drink ” Booster “He dropped a song his first song a month ago “Maillot Jaune” which was a teaser to his album “Urban Bantu” which recently dropped.

The album is doing very well on streaming platforms with over 500k streams on all platforms in less than 2 weeks.

My score for him is 8.5/10


Even though her debut single is less than “10 months”, Asaba is one of the hottest female artists at the moment.

Without exposing sensitive parts of her body, Asaba has been able to build herself in such a short time. The artist has put out two dope projects this year “Big dream & Dodokido”.

My score for her is 7/10

Stanley Enow

So far the King Kong has put out only two songs this year ” Tu VA lire their remix and Oh yeah”. The artist went out earlier this year to the Ivory Coast where he featured on “The Voice Afrique Francophone”

The artists’ career for me has not experienced change.

My score for him is 7/10.

Charlotte Dipanda

She never disappoints, the strong female artist has added something very sweet to her catalog this year called “C D” which is an album released on February 26th. Her album is the 4th most-streamed Cameroonian music album in 2021 without any hype or controversy.

She has maintained her position over the past months.

My score for her is 9/10 

Mic Monsta

Mic Monsta is having a good year so far. The artist hasn’t left his fans hungry and he keeps dishing out music.

His first collaboration this year was with Drip Lifestyle Entertainment ( Drogz & NB Max ) which happens to be a successful project. He released the long Anticipated visuals of ‘local lokito’ as well, dropping a cipher with his label mates.

My score for him is 8/10


Kameni has been doing her best this year even though she is battling health issues. The artist who holds “best female artist of the year 2020 at Balafon music awards” has put out two songs and she is doing well with her brand.

She is one of the hottest female artists in Cameroon.

My score for her is 8.5/10

 Lady ponce

Lady ponce has been at the top of her game since the beginning of the year, she has urbanized ‘bikutsi’ and put it on a different level.

The artist who has decided to keep people busy on her social media platforms with hot photos also released an album this year titled ” Supreme ” with an amazing choice of collaborations.

My score for her this year is 9/10.


He holds the rap game as the god that he calls himself ‘ Mboko god’ He holds the biggest catalog as a rapper in Cameroon.

He has released a single, he has released an EP and a Mixtape so far this year. The hype all around him and love from the fans are overwhelming. From the news seen online which we’re still to confirm, he has sold over 10,000 copies of his mixtape which copy is 2,500 FRS.

 My score for him this year is 9/10 

Indira bake

Indira bake is currently the biggest french Gospel artist in the country. She has the most-streamed album in 2021 Cameroon 🇨🇲.

The Gospel artist has been keeping things on lock after releasing her album “Souffle nouveau”

My score for her is 9.5/10.


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