Kylian Mbappe talks about the possibility of his ‘son’ playing for Cameroon in the future


Kylian Mbappe believes if he has a son in the future, there’s a possibility he might play for the Cameroon National Team.

Kylian Mbappe visited Cameroon three days ago and received a “King’s” welcome in the country he labels his “Second home”.

During the visit, he visited his father’s village Jebale, a small Island located in Douala, Cameroon.

Speaking to Ivorian TV La Nouvelle Chaîne Ivoirienne in an interview released on Tuesday evening, the French striker from Paris Saint-Germain was asked for his point of view on the subject of sporting nationality with a personal scenario: if he were to be the father of a high-level footballer son, would he tell him to choose the France team or that of Cameroon?

“It’s an easy question, because it’s a question that comes from the heart, it’s not like a club,” Kylian Mbappé replied

“It’s a choice that he will make”
“You have to see the tie he has with the country, if he is closer to Cameroon, if he is closer to France, he added. Me, I was born in France, I I have my origins which are Cameroonian. But I have spent my whole life in France. That’s why I chose France. But my son, it will be different”. Continued the 24 Year-old

“Maybe I will live in Cameroon, that he will have a greater tie with Cameroon and therefore he will choose Cameroon. Or we will be in France and he will choose France. But it is a choice that he will make. “I don’t want to tell him to do something, because it’s a choice that’s personal. I’ll just be his father, and I won’t be anyone else to tell him to do something or not to do it.” It’s a personal choice. I’m sure he’ll take the right one, because I’m sure it will come from his heart,” concluded Kylian Mbappé.


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