Muriel Blanche more than just a ‘lady’ ? Putting J.O.Y on everyone’s lips in less than three months | SEE DETAILS

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Muriel Blanche more than just a lady ? Putting J.O.Y on everyone’s lips in less than three months.


So I took out time to study what is wrong with Cameroon artistes and why no artiste has been able to move from upcoming to A-list ( Except Happy D’effoulan) in the past three years.

So what is an A-list artist ? I won’t over emphasize on this too much since it’s not my point of focus but I’ll give you a few things that make someone list A artiste in Cameroon.

– Hit song

– Defined fan base 

– Recognition/Awards 

– Branding

Okay for hit song, we have so many artistes who have had hits in the past two years but does that only quality then a List A artiste ? NO! the public knows their songs but they don’t know them, I’ll assume you’re looking at things from my own point of view now.

Joy in Nobody video

In my study I was looking at the strategies used by new artistes and trying to walk their way to the top and I discovered this new talent called J.O.Y who is signed to NAJAL Entertainment and the way she was rolled out really amazed me.


Her record label boss Muriel Blanche and team had a well mapped plan and executed it perfectly well!

Before J.O.Y released her first song under the record label which is titled “Nobody”, she had a positive trend on social media continuously for a week ( more of french).


J.O.Y released her first single “Nobody” on January 23rd, 2022 . The song had a release party in Douala which had over 500 people in attendance in Douala after it was well marketed by her team. This number of people already guarantees that they’re people ready to share her works and they did after it was released, the song had over 25,000 views on YouTube in just a day permit me to use YouTube as means of tracking results because it’s the used DSP in Cameroon.


After the release party, she launched a dance challenge for the song ” #NobodyChallenge ” which took the music industry like a storm, I’ll say Najal Entertainment was very daring to release a song during AFCON, Najal then announced another party for her in Yaoundé and it had over 1,000 people in attendance but I’ll like to say Muriel Blanche accompanied her in all these parties so her presents somehow influenced the numbers.

Muriel Blanche

J.O.Y has been on media tour for over a month now and the song “Nobody” is currently at 121k YouTube views. These are incredible numbers which established artistes still struggle to get at times but she plugged it with the right strategies.

In my own opinion, I think up and coming artistes or record label should study her strategies and implementation.

What do you think about Joy ?


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