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In a press release published by betting company 1xBet , they claim no one can win up to 13 billion francs on their platform. They also made it clear that the highest amount of money someone can win on their platform is 393 million francs CFA.

Here is their press release translated to English.


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No one can earn 13 billion F

Lighting on a fake news balance on the Web, aimed at keeping the image of the betting company 1XBET.

A few days ago, a false news was broken down on the Internet, via a social network, claiming that a bettor, in Yaoundé, would have won, thanks to his grid of combinations on football matches offered by the betting house 1XBET », The sum of 13 (thirteen) billion CFA francs. The same false information alleges that the betting house 1XBET refused to pay the supposed winnings to the bettor in question, instead offering him the sum of 400 (four hundred) million CFA francs. On this subject, the betting house 1XBET ”wishes to let it be known from the outset that it is impossible for a player, in the current state of regulations and betting conditions, to pocket 13 billion CFA francs in winnings.

Indeed, the maximum gain for a bet made is equal to 600,000 (six hundred thousand) euros. Which would give, for a player on Cameroonian territory, a little more than 393 million CFA francs. In addition, the conditions of use of the betting platform (the site) are such that any bettor who comes to play there knows in advance the maximum amount to be cashed in in the event of a win. No player can therefore come to claim subsequently a gain of 13 billion CFA francs, whatever their combinations upstream, and the results of the matches on which the bets have focused, downstream. Any such request is therefore unfounded. In addition, article 15 of the conditions of use indicates that the bettor, in the event of a dispute, must provide proof of his allegations within 10 (ten) days after the occurrence of the alleged facts. At the risk of his claim falling into foreclosure, and being

now inadmissible. Still among the regulatory provisions, it is also important to note that 1XBET “has the right to limit the maximum bet, the odds on certain events, and may also limit or increase the maximum bet or the odds for a player, without warning or give him explanations. In addition, the bookmaker agency reserves the right to invalidate repetitive bets … Bettors are well aware of these various provisions.

It is also the place to recall this principle well known to jurists: the burden of proof lies with the accuser. To claim that the IXBET betting house “deleted one of the player’s two accounts is untrue: the site prohibits any bettor from using two accounts; whoever would go against this provision would fall into illegality, and therefore could not have the slightest claim after betting.

The “1XBET” betting house, concerned about its image and the constant satisfaction of its users. takes this opportunity to reaffirm its seriousness and reliability, and wishes to reassure punters as to the quality of its offer. It also draws the attention of all players and the general public to false information that could circulate on its account, information produced for shameful purposes …

N° Contr.: M101812727255 QS


After this press, some cameroonians have publish their bets which actually showed they stand the chance of winning 6 billion francs.

What do you think about 1xbet ?


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