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Ahmed Baron | Pride | Host | Donald woods

POWWA FESTIVAL in full  ” proud of who we are festival” press conference in Douala on January 15th, 2022 What Happened ? Let’s discuss below.


Ahmed Baron | Pride | Host | Donald woods.

After announcing its first edition in December 2021, POWWA FESTIVAL held a press conference in Douala on January 15th, 2022. What happened there? Kimbi blog’s correspondent attended the press and gathered this information below which will shock you 😲.

I know you have questions like:

What is POWWA FESTIVAL all about ?

-Why POWWA ?

– Who is behind POWWA FEST ?

– How will POWWA FESTIVAL help Cameroon music industry ?

Don’t worry you’re a boss! Grab your popcorn and relax let’s drive you now🙂

The conference starts at 14:15 with attendees from different industries and media houses. It had Pride who is a POWWA FESTIVAL team member as the main speaker who spoke in English and Donald woods as a french speaker.

He started by greeting the population, went on to explain the inspiration behind the POWWA FESTIVAL logo which is made up of three colors ( green, red yellow) representing the Cameroon flag and a lion in the middle.

Why POWWA FESTIVAL? Pride said POWWA is a creation of Cameroon’s first-generation youths who have established out of the continent and are trying to reconnect with Cameroonians through arts & Entertainment which is also a means of Valorizing where they come from.

Pride: main speaker at the press conference

POWWA FESTIVAL is not a show or a party, it’s a full festival which comprises of so many parts of entertainment not minimizing the impact of Cameroonian shows abroad, It’s going to be a two-day event which will happen in two cities in the UK London and Birmingham and will take place every year.

Pride made us understand that African music as a whole is regarded as Afrobeats in the UK.

Who is behind POWWA FESTIVAL ?

POWWA is a co-production between concert and festival promoters with years of experience in delivering art and music events around the world. Here are the companies below 👇( click on the name to see more )






Nigerians, Ghana, Kenya, and other countries have attained a level which people in the UK believe that all which comes from there is quality, POWWA is here to package what Cameroonians have.

Where will the first edition hold and when ?

It will be a two Nights Of Afrobeats, Cameroon Urban Beats, Bikutsi, Makossa Across Two Cities ( London & Birmingham) With 4000 Plus African Music Lovers Under One Canopy in June 2022.

After this deep explanation by Pride, Donal woods translated it to french

Donald woods : Founder of Hype Hauz and French correspondent of POWWA FESTIVAL.

Donald woods also mentioned some critical things that we often neglect when it comes to representing Cameroon.

They opened the floor for questions 😁 .

Biradzem yuven ( MC Pureyuven ) As a media person, the questions I have are:


Mc Pureyuvenity, Founder of Pureyuvenity and Content manager at The Hotjem.

1) “How does POWWA FESTIVAL intend to give cameroonians high pay for festivals. For example they always invite foreign artistes to Cameroon and pay cameroonians less...” and Pride answered ” The way we pay depends on how visible you and your art is. We don’t pay according to entitlement but According to Value.”

2) How to partner with POWWA FESTIVAL ?

Yes you can actually partner with the POWWA FESTIVAL, they’re very open to Collaborations as they believe in holding hands and know collaboration is the key to success in the entertainment industry.

3) Fon Noel ( founder of Prodigy’s blog )

Fon Noel ( founder of Prodigy’s blog | The Disruption Agency | Prodigy Graphix ).

” How exactly is POWWA FEST going to be placed in Cameroon, the organization, structure and mode of functioning”

Pride said, POWWA is registered in Cameroon/UK as an organization or association under the ministry of arts and culture which means they have approved our existence. We will be working in both countries as one body.

4) Nges Brian ( founder of Muzikol & Muzikol music awards )

Nges Brian ( founder of Muzikol & Muzikol music awards).

“Congratulates to the organization, exportation is what we face problems with when it comes to Cameroon culture.

How do you plan to collaborate with other African countries and Festivals in the UK so that when Cameroonian artistes come they won’t end just at POWWA”

And Pride Replied Any African music played in UK/Europe is called ” Afrobeats” which is an opportunity for us Cameroonians. It means all we need to do is to take our music to the matured and established market and sell it under one image. The most important thing is how we package it and join their circles.

And after this the press ended you know Cameroon na, we must bite something 😜

Mc Pureyuven and Ahmed Baron


Please if you have any questions, leave them in the comment section 👇.


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