Reasons why most people don’t use Ndukong ( Jovi’s Director)

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Reasons why most people don’t use Ndukong ( Jovi’s Director).

<< Ndukong>> was one of the best video directors we had if you’re checking six (6) to seven (7) years back, his concepts were very good but nowadays we don’t see him that much.

He has directed all of Jovi’s tracks if not all but have you ever thought why most people don’t use him ?

Here are some of the reasons why most People don’t use him for video directing.

1-) His concepts :- are always related ( all songs he has directed has a TV) we have seen that in Ep8 koi, Sok sok, devil Nodi sleep who will want to see the same thing everyday ? Everyone wants something new and updated if not you would have stocked to your old phone, clothes…

2-) The colouring in his videos :- most of his videos look saturated and are always dark, I don’t see and Commercial artist who will want to have a dark coloured video.

3-) Effects :- The effects in all his videos are always the same, everyday new effects come out and other Video Directors upgrade to it, we all have witnessed the rebirth of “Mr Adrenaline, Chuzih…”

From the above mentioned, those are the most important things in which artist look for in a video director before the price tag which I don’t yet know.

What do you think is the reason for people not using him in their videos ?

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