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Are you really running a record label or you are just an investor?

It is almost predictable, the path a new artist will take after being signed here. As soon as the artist blows, they look for every means to run their own sh*t. This is not just the case in Cameroon but also happening a lot in neighboring Nigeria. It brings to question what record labels really have to offer to artists in our context. Oftentimes, all they have to offer is money to make songs, shoot videos, and a little money for the artist’s upkeep. Meaning, if most of these artists had the means to do all these, they would not sign most of these deals.

It is therefore not surprising that once the artist is able to do the above on their own, they will leave the label. Sadly they often leave when the record label has not made a sufficient return on investment and sometimes has rather incurred loses.

If record labels were offering more unique value propositions to artists maybe these artists will stay longer. Artists need more than money: top level management, connections, opportunities, a creative environment, a great team to help build and sell their brand etc… Just something that is not so easy to get on their own or on the open market.

So, I think for these deals to be less painful for the record label owners, they should think a lot about either clearly being investors or creating partnerships where artists are made co-owners.

What do you think ?
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