Russian University, RUDN Awards Cameroonian media practitioner, Formuh Fabian (Baba Samba) in Russia ( details )


15 African young media practitioners and journalism students were selected from 10 countries to seek out ways of fostering media relations between the federation of Russia and Africa, counter infodemic, and help the United Nations in reporting SDGs in their respective states.

Baba Samba is known for his selflessness and has worked with almost all major artistes in Cameroon, distributing their music on TV & Radio. He also won Best Promoter at Muzikol Music Awards 2020 ( winners )

The international media summit was organized by the RUDN University in partnership with the ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation with delegates coming from Cameroon, Tanzania, South Africa, Namibia, Zimbabwe, Côte d’Ivoire, Egypt, Algeria, Rwanda and Nigeria.


For the second time, between July 24 and July 26, 2023, the Russian-African Media Forum for Young Media Practitioners held its annual roundtable discussion at the Academic Council Hall of the RUDN University named after Patrice Lumumba.

During the grand opening session, esteemed academics and practitioners in the Russian media market and education sector highlighted the vital role of the university since its establishment in 1965. They emphasized that the university has effectively united African students with their counterparts from other continents, fostering friendship and facilitating the exchange of knowledge and ideas for collective development in African societies.

Different papers were presented during plenary sessions from participants within the Russian Federation and young African practitioners from 10 countries. The presentations focused on challenges that affect media education and practice on the continent in the last few years. At the end of the deliberation, the participants resolved to the following critical points and pledge to collectively address identified issues in media education and practice;

We, the participants of the 2023 Russian-African Media Forum, gathered at the Peoples’ Friendship University of the Russian Federation named after Patrice Lumumba, reaffirm the significance of this prestigious institution in educating black people worldwide and its role in the betterment of African societies.

The forum, designed to strengthen the capacity of young African media practitioners, has provided a platform for skilling, reskilling, and upskilling media professionals through the exchange of ideas and knowledge.

We acknowledge that fostering friendship and cooperation is essential in delivering and promoting quality media education and journalism for the betterment of Africa’s media industries.

We commend the efforts of CEREDMS-Africa, the Faculty of Philology, and the Mass Communication department in strengthening cooperation with African universities and organizations. Their initiatives, such as webinars on fake news and misinformation, training on protest ecology, and enhancing media skills for Nigerian practitioners, have significantly improved the understanding of media practices in Africa.

We recognize the importance of supporting African journalism development through association, software, equipment, and training seminars for journalists and editors. We also emphasize the need for internship opportunities for young African journalists, and the promotion of social and cultural programmes through film and media festivals.

We acknowledge the 2024 World Youth Festival as an excellent platform for training, education, and knowledge exchange. The festival plays a crucial role in introducing new students to study in Russia through Russian language programs and Russian language centers in Morocco, Nigeria, Zambia, and Namibia.

We laud the Russian International Olympiad, covering 300 subjects in mathematics, information technology, physics, and other science-related areas, as it meets the needs of African participants and promotes educational excellence.

We appreciate the efforts of Russian media organisations such as Sputnik in promoting multilingualism in media production. However, there is a need to do more by considering other dominant African languages. This will enhance African media linguistics and foster cultural exchange.

We support the teaching of Swahili and other African languages in Russian universities, encouraging students’ interest in Africa and China. Such initiatives promote academic research and contribute to a broader understanding of media linguistics.

We acknowledge the need for information exchange between Russian and African stakeholders to eliminate stereotypes and foster mutual understanding. Official statements from the Russian government are crucial in reducing reliance on western media outlets for information on Russia’s agenda in Africa.

We encourage Russian media organizations to expand to more African countries, adopt local languages for content, and establish partnerships with African media outlets. This will facilitate balanced reporting and accurate representation of Russia in African media.

We recognize the challenges of information pollution, fake news, and biased messages in Africa. We advocate for increased investment in media and media education to ensure citizens receive accurate information and are equipped with media literacy.

We support the creation of a robust communication strategy to improve information distribution between Africa and Russia. Emphasizing media plurality and the use of African indigenous languages will mitigate the influence of western media in Africa.

We acknowledge the infrastructure deficit and digital restrictions affecting media reporting and dissemination. We urge governments to provide better internet connectivity, protect journalists in hostile environments, and promote freedom of the press.

We encourage research collaboration between Russia and Africa to convey accurate information about both regions. Researchers should strive for personal and critical research, reducing reliance on social media data.

In conclusion, we, the participants of the 2023 Russian-African Media Forum, commit to strengthening collaboration and strategic partnerships between Russia and Africa to enhance media education, knowledge exchange, and information sharing.

By addressing challenges and working together, we can foster greater understanding, eliminate stereotypes, and promote a fair, just, and equal world for everyone.


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