Schengen Owner, Why has Zlatan not yet post your song with him ? See his reply

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We had an interview with Schengen Owner on June 04th, 202.

Here are the things we discussed about

– What inspired you to do music?

“I started singing in the Choir 15 years ago in the church where I was the leader and I was a member in the buea choir from 2007 – 2010, I have always loved music, I recorded my first song in 2019 but I wasn’t able to release it because I never had money. I started music professionally in 2021 where I dropped my first single liqua”

– What is your genre of music?

My genre of music is Afrobeats because I like dancing and I enjoy the vibe as well.

– What impact do you want your music to have on people?

” I want my music to be a source of joy to people, I want people to feel relieved each time they listen to my music”

– Are you signed to a record label?
” I’m working under my label called (Network Entertainment), I will be adding one artist under the label soon called Crownz”.

What are the challenges you face in the industry?
” I’m still coming in and I’ve been receiving a lot of love, I’m focused on building better relationships with the stakeholders and pushing my music.
I don’t have challenges now”

Who inspires you?
” I have no inspiration, I’m coming in with my style and vibe”.

How do you think we can penetrate the Nigerian music industry?
” There is this popular saying (if man pass you carry yi bag). I think if you want to penetrate African music as a whole the shortest way is to pass through Nigeria. They’re currently the leaders and I think if we collaborate with them it will be easier”

What can you say about the 80/20?

I think it is very beneficial to us but at the same time, our industry isn’t structured because most Cameroon music isn’t consumed in Cameroon as well. I think we need to structure our industry-first before the implementation of 80/20.

Zlatan hasn’t posted your song yet, why is he not promoting it?
” It is my song, not Zlatan’s song! So it my duty to promote the song. I’m trying to test my power first before reaching out to him. Zlatan will post the song when it’s time”

How do you cope with this celebrity life
” I don’t see myself as a celebrity hahaha, I am trying my best to be as simple as possible, I’ll be happy to see you all listening to my songs”

Watch Schengen Owner ft Zlatan – ” carry go”


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