Six (6) things you should never do for a man.

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It is always necessary to readjust somethings when you get into a relationship. This will strengthen their relationship.

But many have confessed a healthy relationship is a two-way street that is where both parents are equal or almost equal at all levels and this is because most women make more sacrifices and comprises for her man. And even after marriage she is the one who is expected to make all adjustment and changes.

Now here are the 6 things you should never do for a man

1. leave your dreams behind.

Just because you feel you’re in love and want to spend time with him should not make you feel guilty and turn down big promotion in your career ( He can never ask you to choose between your dreams or him I he really loves you)


2. Change your Values

We all have our choices and principles that we believe in. These values from our identify and individuality to a good extent, never do what is wrong just because you want to keep a man if he is really yours he will always respect you.

3. Change your look ( hot)

If you’re used to being calm I’ll advise you don’t change your attitude just to impress a man. Even sex can’t keep a man in a relationship not go talk of looks which can only attract the man.

4. Sacrifice your personal space.

Depressed lady

Your friends and family need your time and attention.

Try to divide your time and attention to strike a balance.


5. Forget who you are :


Never act what you’re not. Do not show any man that you are less intelligent than him just to boost his ego or only because it will make him happy for a moment.

You should not change your likes just because of him. This things make you unique so be careful not to lose your individuality.


6. Handing over the reins.

It is good a lady needs to be submissive but never let anyone control you just because you want to be submissive. No matter how much you love him the decisions should always be mutual.


Ladies, keep these things in mind. They’re certain aspects of your personality that defines who you are.


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