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We all know that unemployment is on an increase in the nation, you can imagine how things can be in the future, right now we have so many graduates without jobs to show forth.

Even with this problems we’re facing now, I noticed some individuals with some skills which are making a leaving out of it.

What are the trending Skills you can learn in Cameroon now ? Well you might have a job that you’re doing, the knowledge isno wasted at all❌ you can use them alongside your job.

Okay I’ll be giving you some 10 I interesting skill you can learn below.

1) Graphics Design :-

Graphic design is a good lucrative skill, If you Learn this skill you will be good even without a job. Graphic designers are good story tellers in images and texts, I bet you their services are needed on daily basis by Artist, bloggers, Magazines, Writers. You can contact Street Art on facebook

2) Photography :- 

 As much as I love this, I have not been opportune learn it. Can you imagine all those events e.g Awards, Ceremonies, Artist and many other events etc. Photographers bombard this events, either invited or not. You can contact :  PenjoStudios,Summies studio  on facebook

3) Fashion Design :-

The industry really needs stylist at the moment, growing very fast and also profit margins are not stagnant.

You just need to be creative, smart and the trendy type and you’ll certainly be able to hit in the fashion designing industry. You can contact Noniwhite on facebook

4) Hair Dressing and Barbing :-

There is no way men would not have a haircut or women that won’t dress their head.

Many does this on a regular basis, you know one can’t afford to look anything less than good, it is very easy to set up without much capital issues. You can contact : Morgan Dreads on facebook

5) Web Development :-

I really love this one and if I don’t learn it I might have problems in future 🤦. This is a very lucrative business now our days business have understand the need to showcase products/Services online now.

Once you learn how to design a website, make local researches small business that are not yet online get to them and tell them what you do but make sure you do a very good job. You can contact @[email protected] or Afa Designs

6) Baking :-

If you can make efforts to learn how to bake cake, make some chewables my sister you’re dame good and ready to generate income and you can say NO to urgent 2k ❌.

You can work with big eateries and hotels that will really pay good. You can contact : Vanessa Mbzi on facebook

7) Make-up :-

Who goes out without makeup Nowadays ? Everyone is trying to look good and I bet you make-up artist make a lot of cash this days.

For example, in events like marriages, Awards, music videos, movies etc Make-up artist are always needed and it all depends on how good you’re It is very easy to monetize this skill. You can contact : Brunhilda ungoh  on facebook

8) Blogging :-

If you are a writer, why don’t you have your own blog and be open to opportunity of making some cool cash in your boxers ??

Though the money doesn’t come that easy you need to work extremely hard hard but if you’re good at it trust me you’ll make money soon. Contact : Zamani’s blog, The Rekindler, Javnyuy Joybert.

9) Digital Marketing :-

This one is a key skill 90% of our businesses need this days.

We have very few people/companies which have done digital marketing but yet it falls among the most demanded job in the country. You can contact : Bonteh Media Academy 

10) Staff Decor :

Many house nowadays have modern Designs, wondering why you no longer see those ply woods ?? This is because staff decor is the new fashion.

I know of so many youths who went in for this skill and in less than 2 years they’re making leaving out of it. You can contact : Ndi Haniel on facebook.

This skill is highly demanded as our country is fast Developing and so many constructions. Going on now.

You just need to show how good you’re in the work, what you can do and you’ll get your job.

Pls feel free to add any you know

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  1. A whole lot of facts and exhausted with positivity exactly what the industry’s been sicking for at least I learned a lot now here keep up Kimbi…. You’re next✊🇨🇲

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