“South Africa is 10 times better than Cameroon” Former Cameroon NT coach Hugo Broos


Hugo Broos has made strong statements about his former employers, Cameroon, as he is enjoying life in South Africa 10 times better than he did when he was in Cameroon.

The Belgian tactician, who currently manages South Africa and won a Bronze medal with them in the recently concluded AFCON, believes that life in the Southern African nation is ten times better than in Cameroon.


The 71-year-old Belgian departed for a two-week break in his home country on Monday. Prior to his departure, last week, he expressed his intention to reduce the time he spends in South Africa.


When asked about his experience living in South Africa, Broos replied, “[It’s] ten times better than Cameroon. What makes me very happy is that here I can live like I do in Belgium. I couldn’t do that in Cameroon.”


“It was impossible. I don’t have to tell you how the real African cities are. I live in Sandton, so I can go on the street, do groceries, go to a restaurant. I couldn’t do that in Cameroon.”


Broos emphasized that life in South Africa surpasses Cameroon by a wide margin, stating, “Life here is ten times better than Cameroon. People ask me, ‘How is South Africa?’ I say, ‘If I were to blindfold you, place you on the street in Sandton, and ask where you were, you would never say South Africa’ because it’s so good. This country offers a good life. I have everything I need, except my family. Apart from that, I have no complaints—I live just the same as in Belgium.”


His comments have left many Cameroonians angry, questioning why he couldn’t praise South Africa without insulting Cameroon.


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