Two Cameroonians Selected as Ball Boys for the First Time Ever to Participate in One of the Biggest Tennis Events, Roland Garros


Two Cameroonians have been selected to participate in the biggest Tennis event, Roland Garros as ball boys.

The siblings Djamoni Bernadette and Fladimi Ndoy are aged 11 and 16 Years-old. They are accompanied by Mr Eric Tanga. The two tennis players were selected based on their talent and discipline to participate in the event.

“We asked and obtained Roland Garros officials to give some of the children of Cameroon the chance to participate in the biggest tennis tournament in the world. The selection had already been made last year, but the two children selected could not make the trip because of the Covid 19 pandemic. This year, for two months, every Sunday at the Yaoundé tennis club, we We trained and selected two of the children who had taken part in the selection training seminar. The two best were selected, and by chance it was two brothers, Bernadette Djamoni and Fladimi Ndoy,” quoted Eric Martial Tanga, international tennis referee according to Actu Cameroon.

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According to ChatGPT, here is how Ball pickers are selected for the Roland Garos event

The process for selecting ball boys and ball girls for the French Open, also known as Roland Garros, is a rigorous one. Each year, the French Tennis Federation (FFT) organizes a selection process to identify candidates for the ball boy/girl positions.

The selection process typically involves several stages. First, candidates must submit an application, which includes information about their age, height, weight, and tennis experience. The FFT then reviews the applications and selects a pool of candidates for the next stage.

The second stage involves a physical fitness test, which includes running, jumping, and other physical activities that assess the candidates’ agility and endurance. Candidates who pass the physical fitness test are then invited to a training camp, where they receive intensive training on the duties and responsibilities of a ball boy/girl.

During the training camp, candidates undergo a series of drills and simulations to test their ability to retrieve balls quickly and efficiently, as well as their ability to work as part of a team. The training camp typically lasts several weeks, after which the final selection of ball boys/girls is made.

The selection process for ball boys/girls at Roland Garros is highly competitive, and only a small percentage of candidates are ultimately selected. Those who are chosen to serve as ball boys/girls at the tournament are considered to be among the best in the world, and take great pride in their role in one of the most prestigious events in tennis.


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