Why does my girlfriend ask me for transport money even when She has?

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Why does my girlfriend ask me for transport money even when She has?

It’s becoming a burden to some guys, especially in Africa . We all believe that ones you reach an adolescent age you must be involved in a love affair, this has been an age-long tradition but has gradually been taking a new turn. There are now names attributed to some set of ladies “slay queens “. Guys now find it very difficult to live a love life coupled with expenses that comes with it, a lady now believes for a boy to date her he must be able to take care of all her needs even while she is still under the canopy of her father likewise the boy too. Guys now find it difficult to invite their ladies for chillout because they fear she might come up with some with an excuse just to extort money from him all in the name of “transport fare”.

Young girls usually demand money from guys before going to see them, this might be either they don’t love the set guy or they just love money. Some girls if they don’t love you no matter what and how you do to win them over it won’t work especially if the said girl knows your past story. Some just do it just for the love of money, they can’t be without having a lot of it at their disposal so they turn to date as many guys as possible just to keep their pocket thick at all times.

Some do it because they fear their parents and always find comfort when they around them, so they will always want to be with them, while some do it just to prove that they are expensive they can’t belittle themselves to come to your house from their pocket. Some do it due to the training they got from home, there are some parents who always give their daughters the doctrine that they should never go to a man’s house if take care of the fare.

There are some girls who sometimes are really In need of finances and find it difficult asking their parents mostly when they are matured enough to provide little things for themselves, they now see their boyfriends as their money source and find it more convenient asking for financial services from their boyfriends.

Aside from all this as a young girl always learn to live a Diligent life as this will fetch you not only good acquaintances, a good husband but as well a good job that will always help you become financially stable in life so as to avoid been roof handled by young men of nowadays.


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