A Nigerian Doctor Talks on Olamide’s health. (See More)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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A doctor saw the viral image and noticed that Olamide was sitting on a bed next to canisters of nitrous oxide.

He said Olamide inhaled the gas as he was pumping it into the balloon.

The Nigerian doctor said that he and NDLEA recently completed a space on balloon enthusiasts.

He insisted that in order to defeat hard drugs, Nigerians must crack down on celebrities.

Taking to Twitter, the doctor wrote :

“We just finished a space with NDLEA about people doing Balloons.

Peep the picture. See Cannisters of Nitrous oxide close to the bed. Obviously pumped into the balloon, Olamide is inhaling.

I maintain if we all win a war on hard drugs. We need to clamp down on celebrities”.

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