AG Baby Explains The Meaning Of The Popular Song “Ogaranya” (Watch Him Speak)

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Nigerian award-winning musician AG Baby has explained the inspiration for and significance of his most recent hit song, “Ogaranya.”

Adekunle’s “Ogaranya” has gained traction on streaming services ever since its premiere. The song’s significance has been examined by numerous music aficionados.

Contrary to common opinion, which holds that the song’s title is a Yoruba term denoting someone aware of their money, the father of one stressed that he chose the name “Ogaranya” from the Igbo language, which implies a wealthy person.

He explained the inspiration behind his most recent song by stating that his 2015 smash tune, “Pick Up,” is a tribute to the power of music.

In the song “Pick Up,” the musician begs God to satisfy his wishes, which include getting married, constructing a home, and purchasing automobiles for his mother and his wife, Simi.

In a video he posted on his timeline in 2023, AG Baby highlighted that his demands had been granted and expressed his thanks for his current way of life.

Watch the video below:

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