“All greatness back to GOD!” – Spyro Visits the House Where He Lived Prior to Success (Watch The Video)

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Oludipe Oluwasanmi David, a Nigerian singer and songwriter who goes by the stage name Spyro, has returned to his former neighborhood.

In order to relive his memories and reflect on his blessings, he went to the place where he lived prior to becoming famous.

On his official Instagram page, the star of “Who’s Your Guy” uploaded a video of his visit and wrote a touching post about being grateful.

Since everyone is still a work in progress, Spyro advised people not to judge themselves based on their current circumstances.

He said in the video that the house was the first place he lived when he returned to Lagos to hustle. He headed to the area and strolled the leftover distance to show fans his little room.

Spyro described how he went with his mom to meet the landowner of the structure to implore him so he could pay the yearly lease for the room in two portions.

He said that his mother also gave him the money he used to pay the rent on the house. The musician expressed gratitude to God for changing his life.

He wrote, referring to the video, ” I am that one leper who will never stop counting God’s blessings and giving God all the glory…

Never judge yourself by your current situation guys ,you are a work in progress … it might take a while but a pregnant woman will one day deliver but do not forget when he changes your story to #COUNTYOURBLESSINGS”

Watch Him Speak Below:

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