Baby Mama, Ashabi Simple, and “I didn’t get pregnant by accident for Portable” (See More)

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Akinyanju Omobolarinde, also known as Ashabi Simple, the third baby mama of Portable, has stated that she is not in it for the singer’s money.

The actress, who recently gave birth to the artist’s child, stated that the reason she loves him is because he cares about and helps others.

During an interview, Ashabi disclosed this, revealing that she has no problem sharing him with other women and that they intend to get married soon.

She stated, His care and support for me stand out among the many things he has done for me. I’m not here for material possessions. Before I met him, I had made millions from film production. Even before I met him, I was a student on my own. Since childhood, I have carried responsibilities.

“We have introduced our families and hope to get married soon. I am an entertainer and I have thought about getting married to him properly. I did not get pregnant by mistake. It was planned and I do not expect to have issues with any of his wives or other baby mamas.

“I see some comments that I want to snatch Portable but I am not here to snatch anyone. I am just a shareholder and I cannot take care of him alone because I have my career and child. I also want to work more and be famous.”

Speaking on the believe that Portable is ‘razz’ the mother-of-one said; “One cannot judge his personality from his performance because that is what he does for a living and he has to put in his best and energy. As my man, he has always been calm and caring. He is always available when I want to talk to him and he is a great listener. Those are some of the things I like the most about him.”

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