“Celebrity Of Yesterday” – Tv Presenter Drags Ilebaye For Snubbing Interview After She Complained That They Were “wasting Her Time”

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Media personality, Charles Born has taken to social media to throw shade at the winner of the All Stars reality show, Ilebaye for walking out of an interview.

The podcaster claimed on his Instagram story that he had scheduled a meeting with previous housemates Pere, Adekunle, and Ilebaye.

However, the interview began with Pere and Adekunle leaving Ilebaye to wait her turn but after a few minutes of waiting, the reality star allegedly became enraged and stormed out.

She was allegedly enraged to be kept waiting so she left the venue in a fit.

This did not sit well with Charles, who referred to her as a celebrity of yesterday and said that money does not equal class.

He wrote;

“Genz baddie
Waited for a few minutes whilst we were filming with Pere and Adekunle and drove off saying we kept her waiting in her words “how dare we keep her waiting”. Celebrity of yesterday? Lol! Truly money is truly doesn’t buy class!!! Yuck!”

Netizens did not seem to agree with Charles, as they dragged him for how he handled the situation. See some comments below.

Thegirl_ng reacted: “So bcos she’s a celebrity of yesterday, she should allow u to disrespect her? The way u even made this post says so much about how u treated her. She gave u what u deserved.”

Lolo_starrr reacted: “Come back oga and break it down properly please. What time did you allot her? Was she prompt? Did your shoot with the other guys spill into her alloyed slot? Talk true oo? Time is money. She may had other engagements. You can’t keep people waiting the whole day and turn around to squeal how money doesn’t buy class cos you know what else doesn’t buy class? Tardiness. Ngwa bye.”

Talk_to_counsellor_mary commented; “Keeping people waiting is disrespectful. If she came at her time slot and you were not done, she deserves an apology not mockery. Even me that is not a celebrity you have to respect my time. I like that she has respect for herself enough to leave since you want to be disrespectful. Some people are quick to tag you arrogant when you cannot tolerate their disrespect.”

ktheoriginalblackurhobogirl_ said: “Did you give her a time to show up? Did she come earlier than her scheduled appointment. If yes, you are within your right to post this. If no, then something must be wrong with.”

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