Davido: I was close to selling my father’s Rolls-Royce (Watch His Speak)

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David Adeleke, better known by his stage name Davido, a well-known singer from Nigeria, admitted that he was close to selling the Rolls Royce owned by his billionaire father, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke, in order to fund his music career.

After breaking into his Atlanta, Georgia, home, he sold the televisions and furniture, claiming that his father was unwilling to support him financially.

During an interview with ABtalks, Davido talked about the time he left school in the US to pursue his passion, against his father’s wishes.

The crooner behind “Unavailable” claims that the incident occurred when he was just starting out as an artist and wanted to continue working in music rather than school.

He claimed that he told his father that he wanted to return to Nigeria, but the man refused, so he took matters into his own hands.

The vocalist made sense of that he exited for about a year prior to his dad figured out that he was presently not in school.

Davido said the last thing he almost sold was Mr Adeleke’s Rolls Royce and the reason was because he felt that since the man did not want to fund his music, he decided to raise the money through other ‘crazy’ means.

He said; “So I blew up, remember I said that I told him I wanted to move back, but he disagreed. I ended up dropping out, he found out that I wasn’t in school for like a year.

I broke into his house in Atlanta, sold all the TVs, old his furniture. I almost sold his Rolls Royce, because I was like ‘yeah I want to do this music’ but he didn’t want me to, so I was like ‘you know what?’ I’m just about that crazy.”

Watch the interview below:


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