Davido Reveals Why His Dad Had To Bribe Him Years Ago [Watch Him Speak]

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Nigerian musician Davido revealed in a recent interview that he was bribed by his father to go to school.

The popular singer said in a video interview that his father wanted him to go to school, but he was not interested.

However, he was offered a deal that he could not refuse. If he went to school from Mondays to Fridays, his father would build him a world-class studio and provide him with money to shoot some videos during the weekends.

“I was forced back to uni. I was kind of bribed,” he said.

“My dad is just big on education. The first place I came to when I ran from home was London.

“From there I came back to Nigeria and my dad wanted me to go to school ask so I was like ‘What is in it for me?’.

“He said if I go to school, he has a land not far; he will build me a studio.

“But I should go to school from Mondays to Fridays and on weekends, work in the studio during the weekend.

“It was a world-class studio. He will give me money to shoot some videos.

Davido’s initial plan was to stay in school for a while and leave when he completes his music video, but things took a different turn when he made the hit song ‘Dami Duro’.

When he heard the song being played in a club, he realized that it had become popular and decided to pursue his music career instead.

“My plan was that I will do it for three months and once I shoot my video, I’m dipping again. That was my mindset. I finally made the song ‘Dami Duro’.

“When I made it, I dropped it and then I went back to school. When I went back to school, my friend called me.

“He said he went to the club and ‘Dami Duro’ was played. I said ‘Oh my song is blown in Lagos’.

“So I went upstairs and packed my bags,” he said.

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