#Endsars: “3 Years Now, We Will Never Forget” – Mr. Macaroni Says, Gets Set For Peaceful Walk At Lekki Toll Gate

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Mr Macaroni set for peaceful walk in honor of those allegedly killed during 2020 #EndSars protest at Lekki Toll Gate.

Mr. Macaroni, a popular Nigerian skit maker, recently took to his social media page to inform his followers about an upcoming peaceful walk in honor of individuals allegedly killed during the 2020 #EndSars protest at the Lekki Toll Gate.

Kimbi had previously reported on the 2020 EndSars protests that occurred in various parts of the country.

In Lagos, Nigeria, during the 2020 #EndSars protest, a significant number of people gathered at the Lekki Toll Gate, blocking the passage of pedestrians and road users for several hours.

This action was considered inappropriate by the authorities.

Allegedly, security personnel were dispatched to the Lekki Toll Gate on that day. Shortly afterward, there were claims that shots were fired at the peaceful protesters, resulting in loss of lives.

While the government has yet to openly confirm these claims, protesters and many other individuals insist that people were shot and lives were lost on that day.

Since then, October 20th of every year, starting from 2020, has been used to commemorate the individuals who allegedly lost their lives during the Lekki Toll Gate #EndSars protests on October 20, 2020.

In memory of those who allegedly lost their lives, Mr. Macaroni, the skit maker, announced a peaceful walk to honor those purportedly killed by security personnel.

He wrote, “3 Years now!!! We will Never Forget!!! #EndSars! We will be walking peacefully to honor all those who lost their lives on 20/10/2020!!! We also walk for all those who have lost their lives as a result of police brutality in Nigeria!!! We walk in peace!!! We will never forget!”

Following his announcement, concerned individuals expressed their opinions on the planned peaceful walk in the comments section.

Here are some of the reactions:

@TimothyOjuola: “Today makes it 3 years the day Nigeria government kill its own citizens holding a peaceful and well organized protest. We will never forget, Rip to the lost souls.”

@felabayomi: “To the point that “peacefully” had to be added to a simple walk is sad. Good luck.”

@Nayokiing1: “It’s been 3 years and we’ve kept on asking…”Who gave the order!!!! Innocent lives were lost for what?? We will never forget.”

@chyvicalldway: “The painful thing is that the evil people responsible are still in power. May their souls keep resting in peace. Justice will definitely be served.”

@elonmusk_Dr: “I stand with you in remembering the victims of #EndSars and all those who have lost their lives as a result of police brutality in Nigeria. Your walk is a powerful symbol of hope and resilience. We will never forget.”

@iconicjuddy: “The day they made us understand that our lives doesn’t count. All these evil must be repaid, justice must be served.”

@ArikFetscher: “Still remember help sending money and support interesting how Karma sometimes works.”


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