Evangelist shows ‘proof’ that he can walk on air (Watch The Video)

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A video which has gone viral on social media captures a pastor has demonstrating his supernatural ability to walk on air.

The man of God reportedly claimed that he could walk on the air just like Jesus walked on water as revealed in the bible.

He decided to record himself performing the miracle of aeronatutic suspension to prove to people that doubted him.

In the video, he could be seen walking down the stairs with his hands raised in the air and just as he reached the last step, the camera angle zoomed to his feet which were not touching the ground.

His entire body was not shown during the act of ‘walking on air’ but it seemed he was held up by something to give the impression that he was suspended above ground.

Social media users made fun of the clergyman and shared memes which depicted that they did not believe he perfomed any miracle.

Watch the video below:

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