“He Needs To Grow Up” – Fans Blasts Chris Brown For Showing Off New 3D Floors Of His Mansion

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Chris Brown‘s house is not your average home. The star who loves making statements is always upgrading his home, and we love seeing it.

Celebrities always go the extra mile to make sure their houses stand out. Chris Brown is among the many stars who love making statements with his mansion.

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From having colourful murals and graffiti on the walls to top-notch security, Breezy is living the dream.

A video recently shared by the popular Twitter page Daily Loud showed that the With You singer got rid of basic floor tiles and replaced them with 3D floors. The post read:

“Chris Brown had the floor in his home redesigned.”

Chris Brown’s 3D floors fail to impress
Peeps said they were not feeling Breezy’s new home art. Some said it looked too busy, while others said the floor was a bit slippery.

@OshokeAgain wrote:

“Looks slippery.”
@Eminitybaba_ commented:

“When you are rich, you can do anything.”

@BaileysArtWrld added:

“He just customized it & made it his own. I’m sure the artwork means something to him. Looks dope to me.”

@Hashishwtf added:

“Dude’s house look tacky ash.”

@bxbygIow wrote:

“It looks so tacky. He should have just left it alone.”

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