If you spend money like I do, you’re going to end up broke – DJ Chicken Shades Portable (Watch)

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DJ Chicken, a Nigerian street disc jockey, warned that the notorious artist Portable would go bankrupt if he tried to emulate his extravagant spending.

He made this statement when questioning Portable’s claims of wealth.

During an Instagram live session, the DJ chastised Portable for being unable to replace his car following his recent accident.

He claimed that if Portable had the fortune he frequently boasted about, he would have bought a new car the day after the crash.

“Portable, if you spend the type of money I spend weekly, you will go broke. You don’t have money.

“You ought to have bought a new car after your recent accident if you truly have money.”

DJ Chicken and Portable had already encountered problems. Let us recall that in 2022, Portable was accused of sending some boys to beat up DJ Chicken.

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