Lawyer: Seun Kuti’s wife is prevented from bringing food after the police starve him (Read More)

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Adeyinka Olumide-Fusika, Seun Kuti‘s lawyer, has said that the singer, who is being held in jail for attacking a policeman, is starving.

Olumide-Fusika, who issued the alert on Tuesday, stated that the artiste’s wife had been prevented from bringing him food by the police.

While criticizing Benjamin Hundeyin, the public relations officer for the Lagos State Police, for his investigation, he added that Kuti had no other food options.

“Mr Benjamin Hundeyin who goes by the proper title of Lagos State Police Advertising Official, however obviously serves as the Exploring Cop into the instance of supposed attack of a cop by my client, Mr Seun Kuti, has given a Report of his insightful work.

“Mr. Seun Kuti would have expected Mr. Benjamin Hundeyin, a law enforcement officer, to send the file containing his investigation report for legal evaluation with the goal of possible prosecution after completing his work on the investigation.

“Mr. Seun Kuti is still not surprised that Mr. Benjamin Hundeyin decided to make his investigative report the subject of a media publication, such as the Punch online publication titled “Assault: According to the police, Seun Kuti offered cop 12,000 for vehicle repair.

“In the investigative report that Mr. Benjamin Hundeyin provided to The Punch, he stated that “Seun Kuti was the one that bashed the officer’s vehicle, and the policeman followed him to call his attention to it, but the musician alighted from his car and slapped the policeman as seen in the trending video.” This information was provided by Mr. Benjamin Hundeyin.

“On the other hand, the officer reported the incident to the Police Command in Ikeja.”

“The cop was distant from everyone else. He followed Seun Kuti to his home in Ikeja after the fight, where the musician apologised to the policeman and gave him 12,000 yen to fix his damaged car.

“In any case, the official revealed the episode at the Area F Police Order in Ikeja, and saved the ₦12,000 at the counter while he gave a composed assertion concerning the occurrence.’

“Although he had been with the Police since 8:00 am on Monday 15th May 2023, Mr Seun Kuti notes that it was at about 8:00 pm that day, after Mr Benjamin Hundeyin had already completed and published his investigative report above, that he was asked to make a statement to the Police at the Force Criminal Investigation Department, Panti, Yaba.

“Mr Seun Kuti has therefore volunteered to his interlocutors a statement to the effect that since Mr Benjamin Hundeyin has already done the investigation and issued and published his report on it, there was no useful purpose to be served by any statement from him.

“He will, at the right time and place, and in as rigorous a manner possible under the law, defend himself against Mr Hundeyin’s published ‘investigative findings’.

“The consequence of this for Mr Seun Kuti was that his wife was refused the ‘privilege’ of delivering a meal to him, even though there was no other arrangement in place to have him fed.

“We await the next move of the Police on the allegation of crime against Mr Seun Kuti”, he said.

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