Lojay is thankful that “Gangster Romantic” has risen to the top spot.

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Lojay, a singer from Nigeria, has thanked his fans greatly for their overwhelming support of his sophomore EP, “Gangster Romantic.”

The artist has expressed his happiness on social media after the album reached the top spot on the music charts.

Lojay revealed in a pair of tweets that he had awakened feeling thankful for the album’s success.

He talked about how a song that started out of boredom in an airport has gone from being at number four in the country to being a hit. He also talked about how a project he thought might be too slow has turned into a hit on the charts.

“Awakened feeling gigantic appreciation for how well you all have gotten this undertaking.

“To think that a song that was written out of boredom in an airport would reach No. 4 in the country and continue to climb, or that a project that I thought might be too slow would reach No. 1?!

“That’s entirely you two! Much thanks to you!” Lojay blogged.

The singer thanked his fans for always being there for him, listening to his music with all their hearts, and spreading his sound and story to the world, blaming the album’s success on their unwavering support.

He expressed his gratitude for their loyalty by describing his fans as a perfect family.

“Thank you for taking every step with me, for listening with your hearts, and for bringing my story and sound to the world.”

“I couldn’t have asked for a family that was more perfect!!!”


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