Lol! Burna Boy condemns an artist That Said , “He Looks Like A Dancing Doughnut” (See More)

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Burna Boy, a celebrity of Nigerian Afro-fusion music, insulted another musician by remarking that the individual resembles a dancing doughnut.

Burna Boy recently attacked another musician in an interview by saying that the performer “looks like a dancing doughnut” in regard to his assertion that Afrobeat music lacks substance.

Burna Boy didn’t expressly mention Davido, but many people believe he is making a reference to him.

Despite Davido once calling him a “new cat,” the African Giant asserts in this new interview that he developed Afro-Fusion and has been in the business for close to 12 years.

One could determine who Burna Boy is criticizing if they combined the longevity of Afro-fusion that Burna Boy mentions with Davido’s interview on ‘New Cats’.

Watch the interview below:

In other news, Burna Boy, claims to have pioneered a new type of music called afro-fusion because he did not want to be locked into the popular West African genre, afrobeats.
In an interview with the American publication Complex, the self-proclaimed “African Giant” stated that he does not believe in genres.

He said, “Afrofusion is a big melting pot of cultures and sounds. Afrofusion is not a box.

“Let me break it down, why I created afro-fusion is because I didn’t want to be boxed into any afrobeats or hip-hop or anything. Because I don’t believe in genres. I had to create my own.”

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