Portable Laments Assault On Him, Sister [See video]

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Singer Portable has taken to social media to lament after being brutally beaten by his friends.

The singer revealed on his Instagram story that his friends ganged up on him after he int

erfered in their dispute with his sister.

Portable claimed that his friends had a fallout with his sister and that as her brother, he had gotten the worst beating of his life.

The father of four was seriously injured, with bruises on various parts of his body, and his sister was hospitalized.

Portable mentioned how he has always been the one to help his friends and how they are jealous of his growing success.

He said:

“As u can see this life as u dey make am, make u dey run for people. The more you grow, run from people who don’t want your success.

“My nigga shook me and I have been taking care of him (I was the one who took care of his naming ceremony and child’s hospital bills).

“He beat my sister, it’s not me they are fighting, it’s my sister but you beat me, you beat my sister join”, Portable said.

Watch the video below



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