See Why TG Omori Use the “Crowd” in His Videos (Watch Him Speak)

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Nigerian renowned music video director, TG Omori has finally explained why he includes so many people in his videos.

During a recent interview with Zero Condition Podcast, the well-known Boy director revealed that using many crowds in his videos demonstrated his professionalism.

Without a doubt, TG Omori unquestionably established a name for himself over the previous year through his many collaborations with singer Asake, directing the music videos for several of Asake’s top-charting songs.

He was criticized by some music fans for repeatedly using the same visual concept throughout his works, though.

The director acknowledged in the interview that the presence of choral singers performing an Afrobeat song at that specific moment in the movie draws large crowds.

Being a professional, he stressed how important it is for videos to flow smoothly with the music.

In his words, “People don’t understand music video-art in general. If artistes want a particular technique, they go to certain directors. If you go back to my videos, they were never like that. but I and Asake’s era or new way of music coming in, came with a lot of Choral singers”.

“Once you make a video of them, the video marries the song. Watch the video like ‘It’s plenty’, It has crowds. If you separate the song from the video, it will look so shitty. That has been the wave of all Afrobeats last year. Some people are lucky like my Co-directors like Kay and Dami. Kay shots most of Wizkid’s song. Wizkid barely does choral songs. You can’t involve crowds, you will look stupid”.

“Last year, almost all the afrobeats had crowd vocals. That was where Afrobeat was as at that time. Like why can you hear 50 people singing and you see one person in the video. When I and Asake took a break, His song, Amapiano, had no choice but to have crowd in it. If you take it away, you are not going to enjoy the video.”

Watch the video below:

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