TG Omori claims He Rents Cameras For Video Productions(Watch Him Speak)

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Although being ranked among Nigeria’s top video producers, TG Omori the well-known filmmaker recently participated in a podcast interview where he shared a previously unreported fact: he still hires cameras.

In a podcast clip that was tweeted on August 14, 2023, TG Omori provided some new information about his early life. He recalls enrolling in acting classes for the first time without having any experience directing music videos.

He claims that before understanding there was a career in music video directing, he had acted as his original desire because he had experience performing and directing theatrical productions in his church and was good at both.

TG Omori is well known for demanding astronomical fees from musicians for a music video. He has frequently received criticism for his ‘enormous’ charges from both artists and internet users.

One well-known example is Blaqbonez, a well-known rapper in Nigeria who was forced to shoot his own video after the director demanded “too much” money.

It is however shocking when he states that he doesn’t have a camera. According to his statement from the video, there is a rental service that supplies him with cameras for his shooting.

He claims that the only thing he owns is a desktop computer on which he edits videos. But he rents the cameras that were utilized.

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