TG Omori Angry As Fan Trolls Him Online After Rejecting His N1,000 Offer(See Details)

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The conflict between music video director TG Omori and the fan who rejected his money offer is still being spoken about months after it happened.

On Twitter, TG Omori was made fun of by a man claiming to be the recipient of the N1,000 cash present. In light of the fact that TG Omori bills millions for his video sessions, he blasted the cameraman for giving him and his buddies such a small amount to share.

The man, who uses the Twitter handle 1k Omori @Billar_ray, vented his pent-up rage about the incident that occurred months ago. He mockingly said that the N1,000 provided by the videographer was not even enough to purchase a strain of marijuana known as “Loud.”

It appears that the fan is using humor to poke fun at TG Omori’s action, implying that he expected a more significant amount from a successful music video director.

He wrote; “TG omori dey drop money wey no fit buy me loud. The matter still dey vex me 😤 TG omori go dey brag say he dey charge artiste 50million for music video

But e reach to drop money , e comot 1k for 3 boys to share. If na 3 girls hail am, he for drop 1k ?? All of una wey dey support am dey craze. 1dollar and 2cents , for 3 men to share . Ogun go kill all of una.”

In response to the mockery and criticism from the fan known as 1k Omori @Billar_ray, TG Omori, also known as Boy director, reacted strongly. He expressed his displeasure by placing a heavy curse on the young man’s father. Additionally, he questioned whether the fan was actually holding the money that he had given to him and his friends.

“Ogun go kill your papa! You give me money hold for you,” he tweeted.

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