Spyro Commits to Changing the Music Business for God.(Details Within)

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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Spyro, a Nigerian singer, has pledged to work tirelessly to influence the music industry for God.

He emphasized his focus on making timeless music that adheres to moral standards and avoids unambiguous or unsightly substance in a post that he posted to his Instagram page.

Spyro stated with pride that he and his team are proud to promote righteous behavior and that they clearly know what they want their music to convey.

He clarified that he wouldn’t think twice about his melodic undertakings’ God-focused approach.

“I am only interested in making evergreen music. And that’s exactly what it is. Ain’t no shake your bum or any kinda ungodly/dirty lyrics here.

“We pride in promoting what’s right and everyone that works with me already got the memo.

“Ain’t no compromise here. It might take me time but I will influence this Industry for God. And someone pls mark my words on that, I am here for a reason.

“I am GOD’S AMBASSADOR HERE and gradually we will take these grounds for him,” Spyro wrote.

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