We adore you, Eni!! On Clout-Chasing, Hilda Baci Responds to the Abusers of Enioluwa.

Miclenz Kimbiblog
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The Nigerian super gourmet expert, Hilda Baci, has at long last finished her ‘Cook-a-thon’ Guinness World Record challenge with 100 hours and 40 minutes.

In her appreciation to her fans and allies who came through during the 4-day occasion, the superstar gourmet specialist tended to cynics who went after one of her tireless allies, Enioluwa, saying that he was clout-pursuing with her occasion.

Hilda revealed that the lifestyle influencer was one of the few who showed unwavering support for the event before it became popular online.

Enioluwa, in any case, took to Instagram to share the video of the cook offering her statement of gratitude to him in the midst of the group around her scene.

Responding to Eni’s post, Hilda further referenced that to know the force to be reckoned with was to cherish him.

She said: “To know you is to love you, my friend.”

Watch the video below :

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