“Years after molesting me, my stepfather is now in pain” – Temmie (Read More)

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Temmie Ovwasa, a Nigerian musician and former YBNL princess, has caused a stir online after she publicly expressed her delight at the turmoil her father is going through. She revealed that she was molested by her stepfather during her childhood and attributed the man’s current struggles to her “witchcraft” and “demons” having fun.

The news that Temmie Ovwasa felt victorious upon seeing her father suffer was met with shock and disapproval by many who felt that revenge was not the right way to go.

However, Temmie asserted on her official Twitter page that the misfortune had nothing to do with karma but was instead the result of her spiritual protector doing its work. These claims have met with some skepticism, as some have questioned the legitimacy of the supernatural.

Temmie wrote; “Watching my step father pay for molesting me as a child>>>>>
I love when the witchcraft is witchcrafting What Jesus cannot do, Awon iya mi Osoronga can do it, Iya mi, Yasan. Put their names in a jar of blood, let them suffer too

I’m the type of witch that always gets their pound of flesh, with a front row ticket to watch your demise, I’ll even offer to foot your bills just for a closer view and I absolutely love it when my demons have fun.”

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