5 Things Every hustler Should learn from Blanche Bailly ( No. 4 will shock you )

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5 Things Every hustler Should learn from Blanche Bailly ( No. 4 will shock you ). Hello to you reading, How the hustle di go? We pray God to uplift you beyond your prayers.

Blanche Bailly is no doubt one of the biggest Artists (not just female) Cameroon has ever had and he keeps winning since 2015.

This post is to motivate you to keep striving to become great in life ( this prayer is for those who want to make money and stress life 😂 ) Amen.

5 Things Every hustler Should learn from Blanche Bailly.

1.) When it’s your time, nothing or no one can stop you!

Blanche Bailly wins two awards at MUMA 2020 ( click here )

Blanche Bailly came into the music industry in 2015 with “Killa” as the first official song which received a good number of radio & TV plays

In 2016 she released her debut single “Kam we stay” which gathered a lot of fans, many people loved her more because she was simple and her music had good and catchy lyrics which they could relate to.

She has had a lot of controversies due to her manner of dressing but she keeps going to higher heights.

2.) The right people will locate you when it’s time for you to shine.

Who would have thought that Blanche Bailly ( an artiste that people insulted she is a pr0stitute 😥) just because of her dressing so many times will meet Don Jazzy and do international collaborations?

Blanche Bailly in Don Jazzy’s studio in June 2021.

Blanche Bailly has been hot since she started, can you believe that Blanche Blanche emerged as the most boked Cameroon artiste in 2017 & 2018 after her hit song Mimbayeur ft Mink’s.

She has performed in not less than 300 MEGA concerts in and out of Africa (remember I said Africa) over the past 5 years.

This shows how far Blanche Bailly has gone 😁 and is still going…….

3.) Surround yourself with positive energy


From Blanche Bailly down to her team, all you see is positive energy. She has a good team and she has never insulted anyone no matter how small the insult is, she might sound harsh sometimes but we all are humans and need to agree that anger cannot be controlled every time.

Blanche supports her colleagues by reposting their songs on her page and already doing hype videos for them daily.

She is very interactive and at times like the last year 2021, she read 5,000 comments under one of her giveaway posts just to connect with fans 😱( you can search the post on her Facebook page)

4) Success has no definite direction, just be unique!

With all the hate in Cameroon’s music industry she keeps going higher 🤔 could this be her strength?

No protocol in the journey to success. The whole world can go right and you can decide to go left and become successful. The idea is to do things your way and be happy 😁.

Well, we all have seen Blanche Bailly and the team are very creative. They deploy creative strategies to promote each song released and the amazing thing is Blanche Bailly has not a bad song, yes you read that and all her music videos from 2016 has 1Million+ YouTube views.

5) Be consistent ( be your number 1 fan )

Blanche Bailly in Ivory Coast

This one sounds like a regular song yeah it is one of those vital things to do irrespective of the domain you’re in.

Blanche Bailly has been very consistent ( even without music). She creates content, jumps on trends, and makes use of the audience she has sometimes.

Blanche is not just an “artiste” but we all can agree she is also a good entrepreneur and marketer, see how she has marketed her Beauty Salon “Queen Mimba Glam” and now her cosmetic line Sportless By Blanche Bailly is everywhere.

These are five things you should learn from Show Yoh. What new thing did you learn today?


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