Best Ways to thrill your partner on Valentine’s even if you’re broke! apart from flowers

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Valentine’s day is here already and if you’re wondering what gift to get for your bae, I’ll recommend you read this carefully.

Colorful Underwear

You should know the brand and best colors of your bae. If you’re broke and you desire to gift something that will make him/her remember you I’ll recommend this, you can get a pack at 10,000 at most.

A Jewelry.
This sound like a good idea but what if you get a good quality jewelry and customize it ? She will forever remember you anytime she touches t


Everyone loves to smell nice especially when people talk about it. Buying a cool and nice perfume for your lover to use on Valentine’s day is a very good idea. This leaves a permanent impression of you in their heart and you easily come to their mind each time they smell it.

Internet Bundle.

The Internet is a very useful tool and everyone uses it this days. If you can get a monthly subscription bundle for your lover, they will be very happy It shouldn’t be a bad Idea, people like to slay and watch comedy and videos online.

Shoes 😍

This one is a very good idea, I used to be obsessed with shoes.
You just need to know the type of shoes your bae likes, you can get a lady very good shoes at a moderate price.

Wrist Watch.
Everyone this days likes putting on a watch especially when going to coperate places.

If you get a wrist watch for some, anytime the person sees it he remembers you! That sounds good right ? Yeah.

Customized phone case.

Everyone likes to have his/her own brand, you can get a phone back for the person then change the Cover and the persons face on it. That will cause about 5,000 frs at most.

A good Drawing of your bae 😍

I love this one damn! Imagilne having a painting of yourself in your house.
You just need to take the persons photo to a good drawer to draw the person and everything will be set for you.

Customized cup.

Nowadays many people love customized gifts, it’s very easy to get someone to put your lovers photo in a cup, imagine the swag in it just like Tzy Panchak right ?
You can get this done at 3,000frs online.

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