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Building an organic audience

It’s almost a hard knot to crack especially in the entertainment sector to build a fan base that is answerable to you . Building a fan base base is like a company you must have a plan and you must bare in mind that there most be some pot holes on the road.

No body owes you their time . Many musicians think because people talk about them all the time means they are there for you every time, the society is a business market even somebody who has nothing to do is very busy doing nothing . For you to make people to add you and what you represent to their time table you must do what they expect of you and convince them to release some of their time to you and your arts.

Most musicians in Cameroon just think that because it’s their country everybody has the right to support everyone and everything that shows up all in the name of supporting your own . For people to support you and your arts your must be excellent in what you do and give them just what they want . It has just been few years CLEO GRAE stepped into the music scene but has been able to shake tables because of the type of music he brings out .


No matter how good you are in what you do if your character doesn’t define your personality then be rest assured you are going to crumble. Fame comes with shame so be ready to handle it . You must be able to invest a lot in your character as you step into your journey to success in entertainment, not everybody that talks about you deserves a reply and the way you reply and interact with people determines how far you intend to go . Your character should be polished so as to avoid stories that touch .

Most musicians think because you are very talented everyone will support you , there are some levels in entertainment In which if your want to get there you must invest your last coin, , putting in your liquid cash into the right place should be your priority , don’t go for a video director who collects 1million for a video and a producer who collects 400k for music production whereas your whole Career is not worth 100k . Invest your money in promotion, promoting yourself to any level should be your only aim .

Consistency is one of the highest aspect that is going to keep your fan base intact , always give you fans to talk about at all times . Most at times we crumble because we fail to humble . Your fans are the ones keeping you at the level where you are so they deserve to have the best of you . Jovi has understood this for years that’s why his fan base always keeps increasing everyday , he has always been giving his fans just what they expect from him .

Most musicians become extinct became they become popular to a point where they feel they are gods .they say change is constant but o bet you it must come with a sign. If you not it’s not going to be significant, before following the trend always master the strength of your fans to know if they will accept your new side and are fit to support thesame way they have been doing . Stanley enow , K-Oc are all good rappers but they now sing and instead for their fan base to die down it keeps increasing, this is because they knew the strength of their fans and they also knew that they are going to excel in the Afro pop genre because it is what is raining, they studied their fan base niche and decided to work with it in the right way .


Become a fool if you want to be full , for your to have it all and reach your full potential you must be able to endure the huddles and cuddles that comes with success , as Mic always say keep your eye on the price , focus on you goal and ignore the pain that comes with achieving it , keep building the fan base you need out of humility, consistency, promotion.


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