How well do you know Danny Green aka 237Towncryer ? ( SEE THIS )

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Danny Green has been trending massively since late 2019 with short funny comedy videos which he ussually cries to make people laugh.

He is the CEO of one of the most selling merch in Cameroon called ( Energy Gang ) he recently printed “Sense Want kill me” merch and it has been trending since the release. Here are five questions for his fans to proof how the have been following up their favourite comedian.

1) Which town is Danny Green from ?

2) Which of his Slangs made you his fan ?

3) Which University did he attend ?

4) What is the name of the bundle he signed a deal with Orange to advertise ?

5) Does he have a child ?

We will love to hear from you in the comments.

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  1. 1) Danny Green is from Bamenda

    2) sense wan kill me

    3) He attended St Louis university institute of Health and biomedical sciences bameda and later attended degree program at St Louis Higher Medical studies bonamousa, subsidiary of St Louis Group.

    4) The bundle was “Orange MyWay”

    5) Yes, he has a male child

  2. Danny Green aka 237 Town Cryer is from Mbengwi
    Sense want kill me
    He attended Saint Louis University
    He sign with Orange Cameroon to promote the my orange app and its new benefits like the bonuses you get for buying airtime using the my orange app. He also advertised the my way+ bundle
    He has a son by name Tembu Greatness

  3. 1)he’s from Bamenda
    2)i became a fan after his music (I don’t play with ma hustle)
    3)he attended St Louis higher institute of health and biomedical sciences😁
    4)presently not an orange user(idon’t know the name of the bundle
    5)Yes he has a child

  4. 1)Bamenda town
    2) was Cameroon really necessary
    3) St Louis university of health and biomedical sciences Bamenda (where he had his HPD in medical Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy )
    -St Louis university institute of health and biomedical sciences Douala bonamusadi (Denver) where he had his BTech in medical Diagnostic Imaging and Radiation Therapy.
    4) Orange My Way
    5) Yes he has a male son by name Tembu

  5. 1. He is from Mbengwi
    2. Sense wan kill me
    3. St. Louis University Bamenda and Douala
    4. My Orange app and my way+ bundle
    5. Yes

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