Indomitable lions defender Michael Ngadeu promise the fans victory ahead of their double header against Mozambique


The indomitable lions of Cameroon take on the Mambas Mozambique in a double header. The two matches will account for day 3 and day 4 of the FIFA World Cup 2022 Qualifiers for both teams.

Indomitable lions defender promised the fans victory ahead of the fixtures.

“ We are only 3 days away I think, as usual, things are going well, things are going very well here. There is a rather deleterious atmosphere, we are all happy, things are going really well. The players are all motivated, we know what brought us here, so everyone is preparing fa e for this deadline. ”

It’s an important match that awaits you

“It’s a qualification for a world cup, we have the obligation to take the 6 points, to be able to follow our direct rivals, the Ivory Coast. So we know how important this match is not only for us, but also for the Cameroonian people. ”

What message do you have for the Cameroonian people?

“ We promise them victory for the game here at home and why not for the second leg. We ask them to stay mobilized behind us, to come massively galvanize us here. ”

For the lions’ first game in Japoma, how are you feeling?

“It is true that the national team has never played in Douala in front of this audience, it would be a great pleasure for us and a great pride also for the people of Douala, we must give them this joy and this satisfaction. that they are waiting for. ”

Between teammates, what is the discourse?

“Quite honestly, everyone stays focused, we don’t talk about it a lot. It’s not that we don’t take it seriously, but everyone has their own way of concentrating, of approaching this match. But it’s better for us to laugh, to talk about other things than to stay and talk about the game. I believe that it is on the eve of the match that we will have to better discuss, to see how we have to do. ”.


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