“Ngannou’s punch power has gone up” Francis Ngannou’s coach warns Tyson Fury ahead of September fight


Francis Ngannou’s coach Dewey Cooper has sent a warning to Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou’s doubters about the fighters Punch power.

Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury fight is gradually edging closer. The fight which will take place on October 28th in Riyayd, Saudi Arabia will be one of the biggest fights in Ngannou’s career.


Ngannou has brought boxing legend Mike Tyson to be one of his coaches while still maintain his team.


Francis Ngannou’s coach Dewey Cooper who guided him to heavyweight championship in the octagon, believes the Cameroonian punch power has gone up.


“No one punches like Francis Ngannou and the power is going up,” Cooper told Mirror Fighting in an interview


Ngannou holds the current record for the hardest punch in the world – having registered a striking power of 129,161 units on a PowerKube (which measures the power of a punch by analysing its force, speed and accuracy).


“Of course people are going to feel the way they feel” Cooper continued


“But to say that someone only has a puncher’s chance is a discredit to the dedication and the hard work that any fighter puts in for their fights. Who would have thought Crawford-Spence would be one competitive round and then a blowout? This is fighting, no one is going to discredit Spence because he didn’t have a great night.


“To shrink someone down to only a puncher’s chance is discrediting and I can tell you now we’ve got way more than a puncher’s chance. On October 28, the world better be eyes open wide watching that fight. I feel that every time we get in the cage, every time we get in the ring, we’re going to take a victory, no one has changed my mind. No one can defeat us including Tyson Fury.”


“We’ve been training for weeks now and he’s already looking fantastic,” he continued. “He’s getting even better. We’ve brought in some boxing people but we’re keeping our whole team, our team is solid, we’re thorough and we know how to train Francis and get him ready. Tyson Fury is the highest level of boxing, he’s a great, but no one is unbeatable.


“We’ve seen Otto Wallin give him trouble and that fight probably should have been stopped with how severe his cut was and Wallin would have won. So we’ve seen Tyson have some off nights, no one is invincible and we plan on becoming the people to take the 0 from Fury in Francis’ first fight in boxing.


It’s going to be crazy, I’m on the team and our team is in tact but we’ve brought in an additional boxing coach to add a purist ideology to what we’re doing and help game plan. This is a magnanimous event, Francis Ngannou against the reigning, defending lineal champion of the world, we’re training and don’t underestimate Mr Ngannou. I’m telling you, we’re training to win and we expect victory in Saudi Arabia.”


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