Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Controversies In Cameroon 2022 ( one of them was a lie )

10 Celebrity Controversies in Cameroon

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Top 10 Hottest Celebrity Controversies In Cameroon 2022. The year 2022 has been a very interesting one with a lot of achievements for Cameroon entertainment with a lot of Controversies as well. In this article, we looked back at the year 2022 and feature the 10 Hottest Celebrity Controversies In 2022.

Below is the list in no particular order.

– Shakiro listed Cameroonian entertainers alleging that they’re homosexuals:

In May 2021, Shakiro was sentenced to 5 years imprisonment for practicing Gay in Cameroon which is prohibited, after his 5 years sentence was announced he promised to expose all gays he knows in Cameroon. Fast forward to July 2022, Shakiro released two lists of Cameroonian entertainers claiming they’re gay.

Artists like Locko, Salatiel, Mr. Leo, Tzy Panchak, and Cysoul were featured on the list. These lists trended for over two weeks continuously as he continued making videos where he played voice notes of some Cameroonian entertainers who wanted to have an affair with him(Shakiro).

It should be noted that Homosexuality is a crime in Cameroon and the Cameroon culture is also against such acts.

In response to Shakiro, some artists made statements through their social media accounts and some sang it in songs like Tzy Panchak, and Salatiel… the trend died down after two weeks, and no-till now, Cameroonian artists have come out publicly to say they’re gay.

– Gael Pounds vs Kameni:

On December 24th, Cameroonian singer Kameni stole the shine of Jesus as she trended on Cameroon media more than Jesus Christ.

A Lady named Gael Pounds accused Kameni of sleeping with her husband and she claims that she caught both of them in a hotel room together on her birthday. Several people have termed her as a “clout chaser” ( seeking attention), saying she doesn’t have any evidence of what she said and she’s just using Kameni to become popular.

On the other side, Gael Pounds released a photo of Kameni and her husband together on that day and also a video of her knocking at the hotel door and asking Kameni to come out. ( click here for the full story ).

– Andre Onana vs Rigobert Song.

On November 27th, 2022 Cameroon’s head coach suspended Goalkeeper Andre Onana for “Disciplinary reasons” ahead of Cameroon vs Serbia match in Fifa World Cup 2022.

This immediately started a conversation online as Cameroonians were not sure of Cameroon’s second goalkeeper Epassy who was to replace Andre Onana for the match Cameroon was to play against Serbia also, the trend continued after Cameroon played a draw with Serbia 3-3 on November 28th.

According to Rigobert Song, he wanted Andre Onana to use the traditional style of play against Serbia but Andre Onana refused and he considered it disrespectful. Several people came out to criticize Andre Onana while others criticized Rigobert’s song over his decision. A few days after the end of the world cup, Andre Onana officially resigned from international football ( click here for more )

– Magasco & Falone Imah – Marriage Saga.

In 2021, Singer Magasco had a secret wedding with just their families and very close friends where he wedded a lady named Falone Imah the year came to an end, and they broke up.

This marriage ended in 2021 but they still trended over three years in 2022. Falon called Magasco a Mummy’s boy and claimed he acts very childish, saying that’s one of the reasons why she left the marriage for another guy who is said to be ‘Max Teflon’.

Magasco’s ex-wife Falon rapidly got attention from the case with Magasco and in 2022, a new one broke out that has broken up with Max who she left Magasco for . Since then, There have been several cases of Falon’s ex Max proposing and giving out engagement rings to different ladies but Magasco has completely distanced himself from the trend.

– Algeria vs Cameroon football battle

On March 25th, 2022, Cameroon bowed to Algeria 1-0 at Japoma stadium in Douala for the Fifa World Cup 2022 qualifiers, and on the return leg, Cameroon won Algeria 2-1 at Stade Mustapha Tchaker in Algeria.

Algerians didn’t take this lightly as they expressed their pain on social media under CAF pages and dropped over 600 thousand comments asking for the match to be replayed claiming the referee Bakary Gassam cheated them.

This created a very toxic environment online for both countries and Algerians accused FECAFOOT president Samuel Eto’o, saying he bought the match.

Algerian Football Federation sent a later appeal to Fifa asking for a match replay but Fifa rejected the appeal and said the match was fair. This whole issue trended for over three months where Cameroonians and Algerians mocked their selves online whenever they meet in a comment section.

Fifa later sanctioned Algeria and other countries.

During the World Cup, an Algerian YouTuber confronted Samuel Eto’o and insulted him, saying he is corrupt, and in return, Samuel Eto’o gave him the kick of his life where he later apologized for getting out of control ( full story + video – click here  ).

 – Anglophone influencers sidelined by FECAFOOT in Fifa World

During the world cup, The Cameroonian Football Federation ( FECAFOOT) which governs football in Cameroon with President Samuel Eto’o sent a group of Cameroonian influencers to Qatar on November 18th, 2022 but no Anglophone influencer is Among them.

Note: They were two Anglophones among them but they were not influencers as considered by the people. the two have no trackable fanbase and very less followers on social media whereas they’re others with 300 thousand followers and above.

Read more about the story here ( click here )

 – Coq spotif vs FECAFOOT

A few months after the 2021 AFCON that was played in Cameroon, the Cameroon football federation terminated their contract with their sports equipment supplier Le Coq Spotif and in reaction to this, Le Coq Spotif filed a case against FECAFOOT in France and they won.

FECAFOOT was asked to compensate Le Coq Spotif with a huge sum of money.

Samuel Eto’o revealed that Coq Spotif was paying FECAFOOT 750 thousand euros annually and (491.28 million FCFA) and their new supplier One All Sport will be paying 1 billion francs annually with other additional benefits in an interview on Canal 2.

Details of One All Sports kit partnership deal with FECAFOOT revealed and its massive ( click here )

 – Tenor vs Eunice Zunonbook


This is a story is how a “PERFECT COUPLE” crumbled because in less than a year.

The last year 2022, Tenor sparked dating rumors online with Ivorian influencer Eunice Zunonbook after they took appeared on several occasions together and even appeared at the Canal d’Or awards 2022 with matching outfits portraying the perfect couple image.

On August 23rd, 2022, both of them made the headlines again but for the wrong reasons this time. A video of Tenor and Eunice surfaced online where Eunice tried to use a bottle of Whiskey on Tenor which was the beginning of problems in the relationship.

( Read More here )

 – Death of Queen Elizabeth II of England.

On September 8, 2022, the Royal residence in London, England called Buckingham Palace announced the death of Queen Elizabeth II at the age of 96.

So many Cameroonians and Africans made posts on social media reacting to her death and many Anglophone Cameroonians blamed England for the ongoing crisis which has taken hundreds of thousands of lives.

This was a very controversial moment as other Cameroonians countered this by asking if the queen was the one who voted for Southern Cameroon to join French Cameroon. after a week, this trend died down and many people used it to create memes, it ended with mixed feelings.

– Antonio Conceicao

FIFA orders FECAFOOT to pay over 1 billion FCFA Antonio Conceicao for breach of contract.
FIFA orders FECAFOOT to pay over 1 billion FCFA Antonio Conceicao for breach of contract.

Former Indomitable Lions Antonio Conceicao was sacked after Cameroon lost AFCON 2021 and according to reports, his contract was breached.

Antonio reported the case to Fifa and after judgment, Fifa demanded that FECAFOOT pays Coach Antonio Conceicao the sum of 1.603 million euros(1.051 billion FRS)

140.2 million frs for salary arrears, -24.6 million frs for bonuses,

-887.07 million FRS, as compensation for breach of contract without reason and interest from March 18, 2022.

This created conversations online and several people voiced out their opinions through videos while some made posts and comments on posts concerning the issue. Till now, FECAFOOT hasn’t made any statement to confirm if they’ve settled coach Antonio or not.


Worth Mention. 

 – Mimie and Empire Company

Former Empire Company artiste Mimie dragged her former label online accusing them of not paying her dues and royalties.

Mimie’s filed a case against the Pit Bacardi owned company, Empire Company in France two months ago and she also revealed the company is forcing her to renew her contract with them.

Click here to read more 



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